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Thread: R1b migration explained by Armenian Plateau hypothesis?

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    R1b migration explained by Armenian Plateau hypothesis?

    I just was sent this. I think I triggered the discussion by trying to explain Anthony's theories and the Ringe-Taylor-Warnow work which has Greek and Armenian on the same IE branch.

    I think the people who carried the Armenian language or pre-Armenian dialects into Anatolia must have come across the Bosporous from the west side of the Black Sea. They probably would have had R1b-Z2013 in them. This is just my interpretation of what I've read.

    Anyway, this apparently an alternative theory is that at a much earlier time R1b migrated from the Armenian Plateau northward through the Transcaucasus into the Steppes and were a part of the formation of the Yamnaya. Please read the blog. I don't know if this is associated with the Maykops or not in this theory.

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    Samara_Eneolithic ancestry looks like it was in Armenia by 4000bc. That could explain the basal types of R1b that lead people to believe it originated there.

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