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Thread: J1 - Z1842 SNP Pack

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    J1 - Z1842 SNP Pack

    While I was looking at my haplotree page I found a new snp pack available
    z1842 snp pack.png

    J1 - Z1842 SNP Pack tests 105 SNPs under Z1842

    It includes the following SNPs on the haplotree:
    CTS7188, Z18442, CTS1460, Z18436, Z1842, ZS3042, ZS3089, BY100, YSC0000414, Z18425, Z18426, Z18427, Z18441, Z18438, ZS2971, ZS2972, Z18443, Z18445, FGC37470, S12993, ZS7037, Z18429, Z18433, Z18440, Z18444, ZS2910, ZS2923, ZS2872, ZS3114, Z28317, Z18447, Z18448, Z18449, Z18450, FGC37471, FGC37480, ZS7002, ZS7008, ZS7012, Z18434, Z18435, Z38457, YSC0000499, YSC0000416, YSC0001133, ZS7014, ZS7015, ZS7019, ZS7023, ZS7027, ZS7028, ZS7030, ZS7032, ZS7034, ZS8722, Z1255, FGC37504, FGC37507, FGC37508, FGC37509, FGC37524, Z39250, Z39252, Z18451, Z18452, Z18453, Z18454, Z18455, Z18456, Z18457, Z18459, Z18460, ZS7013

    Includes the following SNPs that are NOT on the haplotree:
    FGC37461, FGC37462, FGC14026, ZS7656, ZS7626, ZS7627, ZS7628, ZS7630, ZS7631, ZS7632, ZS7634, ZS7635, ZS7638, ZS7640, ZS7641, ZS7642, ZS7643, ZS7645, ZS7646, ZS7647, ZS7649, ZS7650, ZS7651, ZS7652, ZS7653, ZS7654, ZS7655, ZS7657, ZS7658, ZS7659, ZS7661, ZS7662

    Anyway , I think it is not useful for me ,because when I tried to find how many SNPs will be tested if I order it , I found only 2 SNP under ZS3089 ,my final subclade . So it will be just wasting money for me if I order it .

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    A new person under Z1842 from Mallick et al
    It formed a cluster with the Russian Yaroslav.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arame View Post
    A new person under Z1842 from Mallick et al
    It formed a cluster with the Russian Yaroslav.
    I think thats from India and from this paper:
    E-M84>FGC18389>FGC18413>FGC18401>FGC18422>Y99171 tMRCA 2550ybp

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