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Thread: Y-DNA Hg R1b1 Subclades STR Phylo Tree

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    Y-DNA Hg R1b1 Subclades STR Phylo Tree

    Marko Heinila had previously produced this Phylo Tree Y-DNA Hg R1b1 111 STR strict 3/3 majority tree

    This a large file to open.

    You can use your browsers FIND option to locate your Kit number.

    148326, FGC-0FW1R, YSID6 & YF3272 R-DF13>FGC5494>*7448>*5496>*5521>*5511>*5539>*5538>* 5508>*5524
    Watterson USA GD1/67 & GD3/111, *5508+. GD1ís fatherís sister-23andme pred. 3rd Cous w/ 0.91% DNA shared-3 seg. Largest on Chr1 w/non-Euro admix affirms my NPE paternal Watterson line via aDNA & YDNA. A 2nd pred. 4th cous has same DKA b. 1840's Georgia and MDKA d 1703 IOM. 3rd Cousin FtDNA FF is from the Watterson Ala. *5538+ b. IOM w/ GD6/67 & GD8/111 -SGD3. FGC5539+ a Scot-Ross GD13/111 -SGD8

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