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Thread: BY198/A738 Haplogroup - Clan Association and Geographic Distribution

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    Muireagain, I have come across the following - The early sixteenth century

    The next head of Muintir Tadhgan was Eoghan (Owen) Fox, son of Cairbre who was killed in 1500. The events of the previous century seemed to have been devastating to the Foxes. None of the annals make much mention the Foxes at all, and other sources must be turned to for information. Severely weakened by the deaths and murders of so many males in the line, as well as the confiscation of their property by other Irish clans, they were no longer the force they once were.

    On 27 August 1526, The Fox appeared to have no choice but to sign a covenant with their neighboring clan, the Mageohegans, in which they agreed to live under Mageoghegan protection in exchange for accepting the Mageoghegans as their overlords. It was signed by Breasal Fox, who is identified as the The Fox in the document as well as being a son of Eoghan, and by two sons of "Edmond" Fox, though "Edmond" is likely a poorly anglicized form of the name Owen or Eoghan. These two other sons (brothers of Breasal) were named Muirchertach (Murray) and Felim (Felix). It was also signed by two sons of Brian (Bernard) Fox, one of them also called Breasal (Basil) and Cucogry (Peregrine) Fox. On the Mageoghegan side it was signed by their chief Connla Mageoghegan, lord of Kineleagh. It is worth noting here that Connla Mageoghegan married Amailin Fox, probably the daughter of Eoghan Fox, in Kilbride Abbey near Clara. The fact that the wedding took place in the Abbey in Clara points to a movement of the Fox senior family from Cloghatenny to Clara by this time. The covenant was witnessed by Thomas Buidhe O’Breen (Brien), chief of Breaghmhaine (Brawney) and by Murtagh M’Kegan, who was a brehon to the Fox clan (it is probable that an older form of this name was McEgan) and who owned land at Erry, a townland on the outskirts of Clara. The document was signed in the Mageoghegan residence at Syonan near Streamstown, a large tower house which is still standing today. As part of this document the genealogy of the Fox family is given from Niall of the Nine Hostages to the Breasal Fox, who signed the agreement. This article closes with the text of that document, the original of which has been reported to be in Trinity College Library:
    Could the above reference to M'Kegan support your comments in the previous post?

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    Certainly interesting, I have always looking for a connection with the O’Muireagain of Cenel Tadgain.

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    An American Keegan has arrived Big Y700 as R-BY198, we are at GD 5 and have another American Keegan at Y111, GD 10 to me. Happy days.

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    Muireagain, have you seen this document?

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