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    That's definitely interesting. And this would make sense if put together with some other information and family stories that I know. One of them is that the name of the family (Galon) would derive from the Gaulish word for "rain". Yes, the use of surnames is quite "modern" in some sense, but who knows... I really think that A7992 could be "local" and not brought by the Lombards. I'm curious about the German A7992 on FTDNA and the Czech match to your friend, but as I don't know the precise regions they're from, no conclusion can be made.

    Thanks, I hope we'll be able to order it soon!
    No, wait: surnames are really a modern thing. In Italy they were born firstly in northern areas thanks to the appearance of municipalities. They had to gain taxes and, to do that duty, they had to be sure to let all people pay by identifying all of them in a sure way. Nothing celtic-like is in Italian surnames. Even so, nothing celtic remained in the area also during the Roman era: all names were romanized, so it is IMPOSSIBLE that something celtic survived the Roman period and the Germanic invasions who erased the tria nomina system of roman culture.

    Galon is a form of Galloni/Galoni, that is linked to the late antiquity latin name Gallus (there is also a saint, Saint Gallus, whose cult was very widespread in early Middle Ages). However, it also could be linked to the latin term Gallonus, that was a sort of weapon/work instrument in rural areas. These hypothesys are also charged with the fact the surname Galoni in all its forms is very widespread in all northern Italy.
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