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Thread: World's oldest fish hooks found in Japanese island cave - c. 23,000 years ago

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    World's oldest fish hooks found in Japanese island cave - c. 23,000 years ago

    Archaeologists have found the world's oldest fish hooks in a cave on the Japanese island of Okinawa. The pair, dating from about 23,000 years ago, were carved from sea snail shells and found with other ancient relics, according to a paper. The fish hooks predate ones found in Timor, thought to be at least 16,000 years old, and Papua New Guinea, from at least 18,000 years ago. Also found in the cave were two partially carved fish hooks, tools, beads and food debris.

    It is thought humans inhabited the island from at least 30,000 years ago, surviving despite scarce resources. While fishing has been essential for early humans to spread around the planet, it is unclear how the technology evolved with evidence limited to sites in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

    "The new evidence demonstrates a geographically wider distribution of early maritime technology that extended north to the mid-latitude areas along the western Pacific coast," according to the National Academy of Sciences.

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