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Thread: Identity by descent

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    Identity by descent


    Sorry if this is a too basic question or if I don't formulate it properly, I am relatively new to the concepts of identity by descent, LD, haplotypes...
    I have whole-genome sequencing data (and the corresponding variant calls) for two samples and want to determine regions of IBD between them. My understanding is that by looking at the lengths of IBD regions I can have a measure of LD. My aim is to compare LD within two different pairs of samples (each pair comes from a different, but closely related, population) and see if LD is larger in one of the pairs. If the result is positive, that could bring some clue regarding potential recent admixture (although LD is also affected by effective population size; I know there are also other tests to look for admixture like F3, F4...). Do you see something wrong in my reasoning? If not, which software would you recommend to do these calculations?

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