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Thread: List of ancient samples on GEDmatch

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    Other than Beaker South France I1388, which is close to Iberians, all seem to cluster with English and Scots. Strange.
    This presentation by Kristianson gives a good overview but also features the Atlantic facade trade with to and fro journeying between Uk Iberia and south France in Bellbeaker period and later, to add to my hypothesis of more Neolithic trade networking.
    Out of 64 pre 1800 births 45% Cheshire, 1% Irish (or Scottish), 25% south Derbyshire, 13% Burton on Trent area (where 4 counties within 10 miles), 7% Shropshire, 1% Staffs, 8% Lancs. So far all British Isles despite what the testing companies say.

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