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Thread: How Did U152 Get to England & Scotland?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dewsloth View Post
    I don't think 6DT22 was a Briton for very long. I think he's closer to a Roman-era West Germanic or Belgae (or a northern Gaul).
    Now going forward at least as early as from the Roman to the Migration Era, it's fairly accepted that Germanic increases in the Isles. And that's not to say others of that subclade did not cross the Channel earlier (like the BA).

    Target: England_Roman:6DT22
    Distance: 0.8488% / 0.00848811
    15.0 Corded_Ware_POL_early
    11.6 DEU_Anselfingen_FN
    11.0 DEU_LBK_KD
    10.4 NLD_BA
    9.4 England_EMBA
    9.0 HUN_LBA
    8.0 Iberia_Mallorca_EBA
    7.2 KAZ_Solyanka_MLBA
    4.4 DEU_Meso_TGM
    3.2 England_Saxon
    2.8 CHE_IA
    2.8 RUS_Petrovka_MLBA
    2.4 SWE_LN_low_res
    1.6 FRA_Hauts_De_France_MN
    1.2 CZE_Starounetice_EBA

    ^^This was even offering England_Roman average as one of the choices!
    Yes, interesting. I agree that there is room for conjecture. My terminal hg is U152>A12416. I have 43 private variants. As I have noted, at 80yrs per mutation this places A12416 at 1350BC. All descendants of A12416 (to date at least, including 6DRIF-22) are Britons. It seems clear that U152>L2 descendants were in Britain long before the Romans arrived. A12416 probably was proto Halstatt or early Halstatt Celt, who followed Bell Beaker antecedents into the British Isles attracted by Welsh copper and Cornwall tin.
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    Fatherline: Rb1>M269>ZZ11>U152>L2>FGC22501>Y37744>A12416. MDKA : William Searell/Searle (1595-1656) Staverton Parish South Devon.

    Surnames - Devon: Searell/Searle, Skinner, Edwards, Whiteway, Michelmore, Smerdon, Leare, Trist, Dashper, Warren, Dodd, Hext, Palk, Langcastle, Caunter.

    Motherline: J1b1a1. MDKA : Elizabeth Randle (1800-1876), Eatington, Warwickshire, England.

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    Would you agree that minor subclades of U152 (A520 and down stream) probably came to England around the same time and same way as L2 descendants? If I'm not mistaken my terminal haplogroups mutation is from around 2400BC so it probably was in England very early

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