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Thread: L23 and M73 in non-Slavic populations in the steppe from Urals eastward

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    L23 and M73 in non-Slavic populations in the steppe from Urals eastward

    A move into this difficult econological zone in itself must tell a story (if indeed it was a move INTO this zone). Clearly these clades were absorbed by later Turkic groups. The ancestoral line leading to M73 split from that leading to M269 c. 10000 years ago acording to Klyosov. On the other hand he dates the actual formation of the M73 clade in this zone to at least c. 6000BC. He dates this 2000 years before the take off of L23. So either M73 itself moved INTO this environmentally mariginal zone c. 6000BC or P297 was already there.

    Until recently I would find moving INTO the steppes at this time very unlikely but this paper outlines some options for the more westernly parts of the steppes.

    That all said, the eastern steppes are even more challenging so its really hard to see how anyone other than steppe adapted people could move into that area. Also, the rise of an eastern steppe (well it is today anyway) lineage c. 6000BC in what I assume is a very arid zone at the time of the 6.2 kiloyear event
    which caused serious aridity in what must be a very arid area anyway is odd. Or perhaps it was a survivor lineage of this event.

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