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Thread: 10th-century golden heart jewel discovered in Bulgaria

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    10th-century golden heart jewel discovered in Bulgaria

    OK, no earth-shattering archaeological discovery, but it's pretty!


    A remarkable golden jewel in the shape of a heart decorated with a five-color enamel, which may have belonged to the wife of Tsar Petar I (r. 927-969), has been discovered by archaeologists during excavations in Veliki Preslav (“Great Preslav"), Shumen District, in today’s Northeast Bulgaria, which was the capital of the First Bulgarian Empire (632/680 – 1018) from 893 until 970.

    The heart-shaped 23-karat gold jewel has been found in the ruins of what is believed to have been an imperial residence of the Tsars of the First Bulgarian Empire who ruled from Veliki Preslav....

    According to the archaeologists, it is so significant as both an archaeological artifact and a jewelry masterpiece that nobody can really estimate its real worth.

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