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Thread: Palaeolithic Site In Northern Iran Much Older Than Thought

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    Palaeolithic Site In Northern Iran Much Older Than Thought

    The second season of archaeological excavations has indicated Mirak Palaeolithic site had been settled far beyond the date speculated.

    Excavations at Hill No. 8 at Mirak Palaeolithic site
    [Credit: Mehr News Agency]
    Mr. Hamed Vahdati Nasab who leads the expedition to Mirak site in Iran's Semnan desert province said that a joint expedition of Iranian and French archaeologists had found geological evidence that the settlement in Mirak had been much older than was assumed before.

    “The expedition’s minerology group identified the source of the raw material probably used by the people settled in an area 2 km southeast of the site. The geological evidence shows that the source of the material for Palaeolithic toolmaking workshops had been washed out from mountains of the northern side of Semnan and was imbedded in the river, where it was found and used by Palaeolithic man,” said Vahati Nasab, who is also Associate Professor in Tarbiat Modarres University.

    According to Vahati Nasab, the researchers also traced the cultural deposits of human activity around Hill No. 8. "We found that during the Palaeolithic era the hill labelled as No. 8, had been a lower embankment in a shallow and wide lagoon. The first season of excavations dated the lower strata of the open site as belonging to between 40,000 and 60,000 years ago,” he concluded.
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