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Thread: How Accurate Are The Haplogroups On WeGene

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halgurd View Post
    I tested with 23andme and yep I tried that tool but it didn’t show any specific clade beyond e-v13
    That is because V13 is the most downstream reliably tested SNP in your raw data. So they were able to predict your subclade. 23andme should have also given you V13.

    Quote Originally Posted by Halgurd View Post
    It says 21741703 M35.1

    What does this mean?
    M35.1 is the shorthand name of position 21741703. It is also the same position and mutation as M35.2 which is one clade below E-V13 in the ISOGG 2018 tree but that doesn't mean much since YFull doesn't list it downstream of V13 and the FTDNA tree at doesn't have M35, M35.1, or M35.2 downstream of V13.

    If I were you I would get advanced Y-DNA testing. The tools such as WeGene, MorleyDNA, and Cladefinder just use your raw DNA to find the most downstream SNP tested by 23andme, AncestryDNA, or MyHeritage, They can't find more SNPs downstream from V13 because 23andme didn't test you for more downstream SNPs. See to see all of the other downstream SNPs you weren't tested for and therefore you have no way of knowing if you are positive for any of those.

    edit: I verified that M35 does not show below V13 at by selecting View by Variants on the left then typing M35, M35.1, and M35.2 in Search by Variant on the right. Only M35 appears which is upstream of V13.
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    Indonesia Yemen
    I got F1a'c on 23andme, but F1F on Wegene. James Lick mtdna calculator gave me imperfect match for F1F ��

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    I-Z26381 (I2c2)
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    They are okay but not great. I got everything to a reasonable degree of accuracy except my H7c2 was only H7.
    99.6% Ashkenazi Jewish
    0.3% Broadly European
    0.1% Unassigned

    Eurogenes K13:
    East_Med 39.85
    West_Med 20.41
    North_Atlantic 12.84
    West_Asian 9.90
    Baltic 7.64
    Red_Sea 5.56
    East_Asian 1.25
    Northeast_African 1.04

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