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In my opinion Iberomaurusians were WHG , most likely from the Villabruna cluster. Some scholars considered Iberomaurusians to have come from Iberia due to similarities with Solutreans while others have claimed an Italian Epigravitian origin , this theory is particularly supported by Denise Ferembachwho said Iberomaurusians came from Italy into Sicily then into Morocco. Other claimed an Near East or Nubian origin. The most likely hypothesis lies in the first two IMO : Sicily and Iberia were accessible by foot from North Africa during the last LGM. Mechta Afalou men were morphologycally very Cromagnon , with robust bodies , tall stature and little dimorphism suggesting an adaptation to very cold climate and mountainous landscape. In anyway Eppigravitian and Solutrean were both descending from the Gravitian of Moldavia and recently we got a Romanian women that was Basal U6* , possibly reflecting a Romania-North African route.

If you ask me , and this is my opinion , I think the Villabruna cluster most widespread in Southern Europe had it roots around Romania and surroundings , and it looks like the Villabruna cluster has a West Asian affinity shared with the Satsurblia of the Caucasus but without the Basal Eurasian input , suggesting a contribution from Anatolia/Caucasus to the Villabruna cluster (maybe reflecting mtDNA H1 and H3 ? you find many H mtdna lineages in the Caucasus). We need more ancient DNA from South Europe and the Mediterranean to understand the distribution of those lienages.

On the other hand the Capsians , the earliest Capsians of central Tunisia , were craniologically a mixture of Mechta Afalou men and Proto-Merditerranean. French archeologist called that type 'proto-Mediterrranean' because it was closer to modern North African cranilogy. Some suggest thos eastern Iberomaurusians had an Near East influence , some other suggest it was a local envolvement from climate changement. However I am putting the latter in question , now that we know the Middle East have known an admixture from a myterious population called Basal Eurasian and that population seem to have intermixed with WHG or ANE-like people to give Natufian , Neolithic Anatolians , CHG , Iranian Neolithic etc. We cannot leave out the possibility that those proto-Mediterranean craniologic aspects of the Capsians were not the results of an admixture envolving Basal-rich Middle Easterners.

Lol theory turned out to be false. They were not WHG in anyway. But mostly ANA whatever that is.