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Thread: Do I have Iranian Ancestry?

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    Is for eg FTDNA having less of South Asian and more of a breakdown compared to 23andme having broadly "South Asian" any indication of amateur-ity in research and presentation? Does this make FTDNA better for SA-sians?
    Good question, but keep in mind that 23andme is also (going to) breaking down by COUNTRY, which FTDNA does not do.

    But those are gimmicks for us really. Country breakdown is really useful for European/African Americans and Americans are the main customers for 23andme and FTDNA.

    Your choice will come down to -- do you want to use your raw data in old/current calculators? If so, either go with FTDNA or Ancestry. If you do not care, go with 23andme.

    Another thing perhaps that might be relevant -- only 23andme gives your Y-dna and Mtdna haplogroups. If you care about your Ydna or Mtdna haplogroups, get 23andme.
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