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Thread: Brains had the telltale signs of Alzheimer’s, why did they still have nimble minds?

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    Brains had the telltale signs of Alzheimer’s, why did they still have nimble minds?

    Being here may help slow or offset the ravages of Alzheimer's.

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    My great-grandmother was 102 when she died. By rights she should have suffered Alzheimer's, not just with the study of her brain but the fact that her daughter [95] does.

    However, nana was sharp as a whip, and did not suffer any obvious memory loss. I've always wonder if the grand "secret" of her not showing any obvious signs of the disease was she never gave up. I don't think she knew how to give up. She was one of the traditional feminists, long before feminism became in vogue, and well the concept of "giving up" doesn't exist when one has to raise 9 children by herself due to the Wars & the Depression. Even when she was confined to a bed for the last three years she was constantly active - writing about her survival of both world wars, crossword, etc. If probably helped that she was very healthy [her doctors were amazed at the lack of medication she took] and maybe in a way as she was never, for that matter, placed in a home. She spent her last years comfortably in my aunt's household and was constantly interacting with her grand & great-grand kids.

    Watching my grandmother who is the complete opposite of her mother in personality, and yet treated the exact same way by family & her friends (and likewise very healthy), deteriorate more and more rapidly it has always made me question nana's lack of the disease.

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