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Thread: Howell (s) Bretons, Normans and U106 (UK)?

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    Howell (s) Bretons, Normans and U106 (UK)?

    Thanks to a post on another thread I've been able to look a little further into my surname origins (Howell, Hoel, Hywel etc.)
    I've been vaguely aware of possible links to Brittany but I didn't appreciate until I did more reading how involved Bretons were in the Norman conquest and seemed to have a particular presence around the Welsh Marches (Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire) where most of my ancestry seems to come from. The incidence of the surname in Eastern England is also supposedly due to a Breton presence.
    I'm aware of Norman associations with U106 and that Bretons have a "British" ancestry to some extent.
    I'm just wondering whether anyone has any knowledge of U106 in Brittany, possibly associated with inter-marriage or alliances with Normans? Just a speculative question really my own U106 could well have an Anglo/Saxon source.
    Interesting to note that Howell(s) doesn't appear to be that common outside the areas of Norman influence (in Wales) Thanks. John


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