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Thread: Howell (s) Bretons, Normans and U106 (UK)?

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    Hello John, have you tested any STRs? It can sometimes help depending on the number and closeness (genetic distance) of hi-res matches you subsequently get. There are a lot of kits on FTDNA projects with STRs but no SNPs. Many relatively recently related STR 'clusters' now have a good idea of the SNP-defined subclades they belong to through NGS testing, but I am not as familiar with U106.
    I've only done a Family Finder Test with FTDNA. I did Chromo 2 previously and now I've been tempted by the LIVEdna test.
    I have been considering further tests, but as my knowledge of DNA is limited, I'm not sure I will be up to interpreting what the results may tell me. I've been pondering BigY or Y Elite which is what the U106 project group seems keen on, but quite expensive if I can't be sure what I will get out of it. John

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