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Thread: Z198 and its subclades

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    Z198 and its subclades

    This topic has been kicked around several times, but usually starting off with one or another of the large subclades. I want to have a more general thread here (and not specifically about the Z198 SNP Pack at FTDNA), primarily in order to announce that there is a new kid on the block. As of tonight the putatively early branches, close to the Z198 "trunk" (formerly CTS4188, L165 and ZS312 -- or whatever equivalents one prefers), have a brother in PH1909. And the tiny group that was Z198* has become just a bit tinier, with the loss (to the new group) of HG00112.

    PH1909 has been listed on YBrowse for a couple of years, from the Hallast et al (2014) paper, but its place on the haplotree has not been identified (there) as below Z198.
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