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    Question Native Americans and Polynesians

    Hi all,

    I've been doing general browsing of my GEDMatch matches, and came across something that may? be interesting. I have two matches that have a maternal haplogroup of B4’5 listed (siblings I assume). I’m not well versed in Native American genetics however from what I understand this is a common Native American haplogroup. I’ve seen these matches before and haven’t thought much of it. I assume most people would match a few who have some Native American DNA.

    Out of curiosity, mainly due to my minor Polynesian ancestry, I thought I’d see if anyone else matches our kits. When looking at the chromosome segment matching, I matched 4 kits in the same place on chromosome 1, two of which are the above Native American kits.

    To begin with, I checked out where I matched the Native American kits. As expected, our shared segment is mostly Atlantic, Baltic, West Asian etc. I noticed between 207M-208M, we share a small amount of Amerindian. I checked the other sibling and as expected, there it was.
    I also checked the other two kits, and to my surprise I also match them in the same Native American spot.

    These are the relevant autosomal results from the Eurogenes K13:

    Match 1 – 12cM chromo match (Haplogroups not listed)
    East_Asian 0.27
    Amerindian 0.53
    Oceanian 0.46

    Match 2 – 11cM chromo match (Haplogroups not listed)
    Siberian 0.93
    Amerindian 0.69

    Match 3 (Sibling?) - B4’5 – 10cM chromo match
    East_Asian 0.99
    Siberian 3.33
    Amerindian 14.77

    Match 4 (Sibling?) – B4’5 - 10cM chromo match
    Siberian 3.73
    Amerindian 13.16
    Oceanian 0.56

    Now I’m not saying I have Native American ancestry and that we share a common Native American ancestor, as that would be inappropriate and likely incorrect, however to those more versed in Native American genetics, is there a logical explanation for this?

    Is it simply general shared ancestry in some way?
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