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Thread: Big Y for R1a-M458* from Urals

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    Big Y for R1a-M458* from Urals

    Summary: The kit custodian and I, together, can only contribute $250 toward the $425 necessary for the Big Y test in this case important to understanding R1a-M458. We need another $175.

    Kit 205198 is from the Ural region of the Russian Federation. He has tested
    M458+, CTS11962-, L260-

    The R1a Project classifies him as
    4. ..>Z282>PF6155>M458>PF7521*-A (Big Y needed)

    based on haplotype similarity to kit 306772 of Poland, whose R1a-Backbone SNP Pack yielded a result of:
    M458+, PF7521+, CTS11962-, L260-

    Since #306772 was not tested for PF6188, it is possible that he, and then perhaps also #205198, belong to the elusive R1a-PF6188 clade found in Sardinia.

    We would very much like to use this case to help us understand the genesis and early survival/growth of R1a-M458. Together, the kit custodian and I can muster $250 towards the Big Y for #205198, so we need another $175. We would very much appreciate any financial help others could give--hopefully by the end of the month, since FTDNA does not guarantee discount/coupon pricing beyond that date. Contributions can be made through the R1a Project donation page. Be sure to mention the purpose of the contribution in the Note box.
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    By the way, FTDNA and YFull disagree on the placement of Y2604 in the R1a-M458 haplotree. The Big Y for #205198 might resolve this. But YFull gives that SNP only 1 star anyway.

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    The Big Y for #205198 was batched and sent to the lab on December 28. Thanks to all who contributed! Now we await the results.

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    I am anxious for the results. I hope it contributes to the origin and migration of of M458.

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    And what the resutls are?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rethel View Post
    And what the resutls are?
    He is R-Y2604* (YF08907) on YFull's haplotree. Of course, we need one more example from his cluster to define the clade properly. His cluster seems to include both Polish and Russian patrilineages.

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    So not mine

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