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Thread: Steppe Pastoralists into Western Europe

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    Steppe Pastoralists into Western Europe

    I'm posting as a novice. I have had a long held interest in late prehistoric NW Europe, but sometimes I struggle to keep up with all of the latest developments on here. So I'm asking in layman's terms.

    I understand the Copper Age expansion out of the Pontic and Caspian Steppes into Eastern Europe, and how the admixture triggered the Corded Ware Culture. However, what I would like to understand better, is how it influenced the Bell Beaker Culture further to the West? Was it simply, a parallel, Early Bronze Age pastoralists then arrived there, and the Bell Beaker was another fusion culture, alongside the Corded Ware? Or did it follow? Was it likely that the immigrants into Western Europe arrived very quickly, as a part of the initial migration off of the Steppes, or were the new arrivals the later descendants via the Corded Ware Culture? Was there a sex bias in Western Europe? Were the founders of the Bell Beaker Culture primarily pastoralists, or did they practice agrarian agriculture?

    Finally, where did the Bell Beaker Culture begin? Iberia, or Central Europe?

    I'd appreciate any layman replies. I know that this is cutting edge stuff, and that there will be much debate for a very long time.
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