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Thread: Please consider making the ignore function a two-way street

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    Quote Originally Posted by GailT View Post
    Please do not adopt a two-way ignore function. I've seen how this works in facebook and it is extremely disruptive when some people can only see half of a conversation. The best way to address the problem here is simply do not engage with the person.

    I was not supportive of the decision a few years ago to hide or eliminate some sub-forums. No one is ever required to read or respond to a particular forum or post. The move toward hiding sub-forums and adding more "ignore" functions strikes me as plea to 'protect me from myself', in other words, make anything that offends me invisible otherwise I will not be able to stop myself from engaging. We can already ignore people who we don't like without taking the additional step of making them invisible.
    It is no such thing, and it only makes the two parties involved invisible to each other, not to the entire forum community. Two-way ignore is a way of avoiding interminable conflict, especially when it results from one unbalanced, obsessive individual dogging the posts of another member. It is really frustrating to finally decide to ignore an obnoxious person, hoping to end the problem, only to find that person is taking advantage of the situation to post counter arguments and insults that must go unanswered because the victim can no longer see them without re-engaging.

    Repeatedly thrashing people like that in debate does not solve the problem, it only infuriates them and drives them to escalate their attacks.

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    Being a member over the past year, I've seen what havoc a disruptive individual can wretch and seen how well it has been handled by most members as well as the admins. Rules are necessary for productive rhetoric, but barriers are a slippery slope and should be well avoided.

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