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Thread: FTDNA Advanced Matches: match in Y-DNA12 and in Family finder in the same time

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    FTDNA Advanced Matches: match in Y-DNA12 and in Family finder in the same time

    Dear collegues,

    I'm David, genealogist from Slovenia. New to DNA research. Please help me with this.

    I'm predicted I-A196 (I-Z140) haplogroup and waiting for SNP test results.
    In FTDNA Advanced matches I have one person with whom I share a match on Y-DNA12 (1 step match) and in the same time also 22 centimorgans on 5th chromosome in Family Finder. He is from UK and he is I-S12289 (I-L338/I-Z140).

    Would this indicate any real ancient connection (common ancestor) or is this just a misleading information (no distant relation at all)?

    Thank you very much for your help!

    Good day to all.


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    You have three different tests to determine relatedness:

    1) YSNP - According YFULL, Z140 is 4,000 years old and L338 is 3,000 years old. These are just too old to
    imply a close genealogical relationship as 3,000 or 4,000 is just too old to be very useful for relatedness.

    2) YSTR - At 12 markers, the matches are only 10 to 20 % accurate. Between 8 of 10 and 9 of 10 are
    false hits. You really have to upgrade to a minimum of 37 markers - preferably 67 markers.

    3) atDNA - If you are stating that one segment shared is 22 CM, that is is pretty decent closer relative.
    Variation does vary wildly statistically. According to Bettinger's ranges, here are the best and worst case:

    For the worst case - 0 to 27 CMs - Fourth cousin, twice removed.
    For the best case - 27 to 413 CMs - First cousin, twice removed.

    So your atDNA relatedness is somewhere between these two extremes. It is somewhat lower since
    your largest segment is on 22 CMs vs. 27 CMs. This assumes largest segment vs. overall CM match.

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