I signed up for this and ordered the Health report. Very nice customer experience. Easy to use and connect to 23andme. Very detailed and comprehensive report. Highly recommended.

"Toolbox Genomics is taking the mystery out of DNA Testing by giving clients a comprehensive analysis of their genetic code along with the possible risks and suggestions for better health.

Stephen Altrogge STEPHEN ALTROGGE Jan 17, 2017 ē

Genetic testing is kind of a big deal these days. Companies can analyze your DNA to tell you your ancestry, for which diseases youíre at risk, your ability to process caffeine, and the likelihood of you having certain physical characteristics, like male pattern baldness. But despite being able to tell you that youíre primarily Irish with a predisposition toward hearing loss and a high probability of a comb-over, there is still something missing: what do you do with all your genetic information?

This was the problem ToolBox Genomics founders Erika Gray and Elvina Hewitt found themselves facing. As healthcare providers in the San Francisco Bay area, friends and family were constantly asking them to help make sense of supposedly user-friendly DNA results. With the widespread availability of DNA testing, people suddenly had access to significant amounts of personal health information but didnít know how to interpret it.

So they created Toolbox Genomics, a company dedicated to helping people understand and take action on their genetic testing results."