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Thread: Tthe language of paragroup R

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    My youngest daughter is learning French in high school and has even won awards for it, but her poor father speaks only English, German, and some Russian.

    Try the French subforum here.

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    Y-DNA: R1b-L21> DF13> Z39589> DF41> FGC5572> BY166> FGC36974> FGC36982> FGC36981

    Additional Data:
    Lactase Persistent:
    rs4988235 AA (13910 TT)
    rs182549 TT (22018 AA)

    Red Hair Carrier:
    Arg160Trp+ (rs1805008 T) aka R160W

    Dad's mtDNA: K1a1

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    Quote Originally Posted by rms2 View Post
    What makes you think that? I guess you know that thus far all but one of the Yamnaya skeletons were R1b-L23.

    Yes, I know none has been R1b-L51 yet, but we have no Yamnaya y-dna from the Pontic steppe or the Carpathian Basin. We do, however, have Bell Beaker y-dna. It has featured plenty of R1b-L51, and Gimbutas and Heyd have both said that Bell Beaker was derived from Yamnaya.

    Given the formation time and tmrca of L23 and his sons, Z2103 and L51, it isn't likely that any of them arose very far from the others.

    There is absolutely no evidence of any such thing.

    Your data must be extremely interesting. They convince you that R1b arose both in central Europe and on the Turkish/Georgian border.
    Epp, pourrait avoir raison si on admettait que le fils a engendré le père, concernant l'origine caucase.
    D'autre part Yamnc'est :
    Ydna R-L23 (R1b)
    MtDna U5b/T*/H1-3
    Ce qui par les pourcentage désigne plus particulièrement d'abord les basques, puis les irlandais et ensuite nord-ouest européen.
    Donc les basques, Irlande, anglais... sont des Géorgien et Yamna se situe à la frontière Turquie-Géorgie ?
    C'est le foutoir !

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    That feeling, when you are on angloforum, and people start to speak french...

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