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Thread: Living DNA Results

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    Quote Originally Posted by mokordo View Post
    Take it as you are 79 Western European and your father 95%, and your mother presumably should be more "southern shifted" than your father.
    She is, in that she's a quarter Spanish (from Menorca). But she's also more British than my father is, though less German.

    But the simple fact is, my father is nowhere close to 95% "England, Wales, and Scotland". 23andMe says he's 44.6% "British and Irish", and 47.1% "French and German". Obviously, they also mention other, smaller components that I don't really need to list at this time. In terms of his known ancestry, however, he is pretty much only German and British.

    Going back to the 18th century -- which is mostly prior to the intermarrying of my British and German ancestors -- 24 of 32 surnames are of German origin. The remaining 8 are either of British origin, or are Americanized to appear more "British". (For example, "White" and "Smith" could actually have come from almost anywhere.)

    But, yes, he is in fact overwhelmingly Western or Northwestern European -- but that includes both British and German, by most reckoning. It's clear that many testing companies are not able to do a good job of distinguishing British from German, or vice versa.

    I once tried adding up my ancestries that must have come from my mother -- based on FTDNA's estimates. All 54% of my "Central Europe" (making me wonder how she managed to pass on more than 50% of anything!); all 21% of my "Ireland"; all 15% of my "Iberian Peninsula" and the 3% "Malta".

    That, of course, would mean that I inherited 93% of my DNA from my mother, instead of my father! Or, it simply means that FTDNA is wrong for one or both of us in some very significant ways. The reality is this: if I only had my own estimate to go by, I would say it is not terribly unreasonable. It's just that there's no way to reconcile my results with my father's, or his with mine.
    Besides British-German-Catalan, ancestry includes smaller amounts of French, Irish, Swiss, Choctaw & another NA tribe, possibly Catawba. Avatar picture is: my father, his father, & his father's father; baby is my eldest brother.


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    I have submitted a request asking them about my Father, Uncle, and Grandmothers ancestry results. Hopefully I get a meaningful response.

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    I had a relative tested , and was expecting some Italian to be found . His great grandfather was allegedly Italian (south) obviously making him 12.5% Italian . But no Italian , or anything close , was found in his results and he emerged completely Northern European . Anyone have any thoughts or experiences of Italian ancestry at LivingDNA ?

    YDNA likely journey simplified : Battle Axe Culture > Nordic Bronze Age > Scandinavian Iron Age > Norwegian Vikings > Norse-Gaels> Somerled > Dubhgall > Clan MacDougall

    Ancestry: English, Scottish & Irish

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