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Thread: Living DNA - the mtDNA

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    United States of America Japan England Scotland Germany
    I'm envious that all of you got subclades at all. The best Living DNA could do for me was H with no subclade.subclade.jpg

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    R1a - Z284

    England Norway Germany Poland
    MtDNA W1g...

    Coverage map percentages.


    Finland 10%
    Pakistan 8%
    North Caucasus 8%
    Azerbaijan 6%
    Georgia 6%
    Tajik 6%
    Hungary 5%
    Adygei 5%
    Macedonia 4%
    Latvia 4%
    Syria 3%
    Afghanistan 3%
    Turkey 3%
    Bulgaria 3%
    Palestine 3%
    Iran 3%
    Belarus 3%
    Uzbekistan 2%
    Armenia 1%
    Norway 1%
    Sweden 1%
    Lithuania 1%

    The story...

    Haplogroup: W
    Subclade: W1g
    A genetic story of your motherline

    Around 17,000 years old, haplogroup W is found across Europe and Asia.

    Your motherline signature belongs to the W group.

    Haplogroup W is distributed across both European and Asian continents. It is most commonly found in the eastern regions of Europe. In Asia, it is found across central regions (Hay, 2015). The W group is between 14,000 and 23,000 years old. This places its average birth age at around 17,000, which is just before the warming period across Europe at the end of the Ice Age. Although its exact location of origin is unknown, the carriers of your early motherline may have lived around the Caspian Sea or Central Asia. However, this is hotly debated and other theories surrounding the location of origin prevail. For example, a Near Eastern origin has been argued, with evidence based upon early W lineages being frequent in this area today. If this were the case, a rapid migration to Europe would have taken place as the Ice Age began to loosen its grasp (Olivieri et al., 2013).

    Connections between your motherline and the male line R1a have been made. The present day locations of haplogroup W are similar to R1a. Migrations made by the carriers of your motherline may have occurred alongside carriers of the fatherline R1a. This fatherline has been linked to the Balto-Slavic and Indo-Iranian Indo-European language population group (Hay, 2015).
    Who were the people who carried your signature?

    The carriers of your motherline roamed the earth during the Ice Age. As haplogroup W arose around 17,000 years ago, this was before the vast expanse of ice began to melt (Olivieri et al., 2013). It would not be long after this point that the ice sheets would retreat, revealing a warmer, wetter and more habitable landscape. However, the earliest carriers of your motherline would have endured the unrelenting conditions that came with these times. They would have been hardy hunter gatherers, whose diet consisted of the meat they hunted and nuts and plants they foraged. Competition for resources such as food and shelter would have been fierce, which in collaboration with the freezing climate meant that these nomads had to be resilient and hardy.

    Carriers of your motherline, particularly its subclades W1a and W1b, have been found in Bronze Age remains. The presence of W in Finland has been linked back to the migrations of the people who were part of the Corded Ware culture. As these people travelled north toward Finland, those who settled left a lasting legacy on the Finnish population today (Hay, 2015). Their culture is recognised by their single pitted graves and pottery designed with twisted corded designs.

    Hay, M. (2015). mtDNA Haplogroup W, [ONLINE]
    Olivieri et al., 2013. Mitogenomes from Two Uncommon Haplogroups Mark Late Glacial/Postglacial Expansions from the Near East and Neolithic Dispersals within Europe.

    How does an Englishman with his paternal line and maternal line going back to England for centuries find himself with two eastern Haplogroups that correlate to one another. I think it's amazing!

    I understand R1a in England being that of the Scandinavians/Germanic people, but W1g too? Is that a double corded ware lineage I have?
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    Y-DNA R1a - Z284
    MtDNA - W1g

    Mostly English with minor East German/Polish.
    *Eurogenes K15 - West_German + West_Norwegian + West_Norwegian + West_Norwegian @ 6.696671
    *MDLP K23B - Dane_ + Dutch_ + Dutch_ + Dutch_ @ 1.366235
    *PuntDNAL K12 Ancient - Vatya_SG_RISE479 + Nordic_LN_SG_RISE97 + BattleAxe_Sweden_SG_RISE94 + BattleAxe_Sweden_SG_RISE94 @ 1.023980

    Dad - Y-DNA R1a Z284 / MtDNA U5b2b1a1
    Mum - Y-DNA I1 / MtDNA W1g
    Granddad ( Mother's side ) - Y-DNA I1 / MtDNA H3y

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