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Thread: How do companies determine your y haplogroup and how many results do you need?

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    Well did they have the results above?

    That's why I think I have a y chromosome because I have two genes that have to do with sry genes.

    Did you read the link?

    Also with the condition I'm talking about you wouldn't know you were intersex unless you did a DNA test. So the people who took that test wouldn't know they were anything but female. As being an xxy female there are no symptoms if the y sry genes are altered.

    I have had ultrasounds and everything's normal but I have a small uterus had puberty at 7 and have slight signs of virilization its overruled by how small petit I am. Lol. These things no one would draw the conclusion that you're intersex by these things. And yes with the condition you can be completely fertile. One case a woman had three kids and her third child was of the same karyotype and she didn't find out until her third child's diagnosis of her own diagnosis.

    I have the sry genes mentioned and so that's why I believe I'm xxy plus I went to my doctor and he got me to an endocrinologist.

    Did you read the link I gave.

    These people would be considered female at birth they don't have ambiguous genitalia.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ann Turner View Post
    I don't have as many v2 female tests to look at, but one of them had 125 calls for "Y SNPs" and the other had 195. These are just artifacts of the testing process. Probes don't look for whole genes -- rather, they look for a short sequence of say 50 bases. Occasionally these sequences can be found on other chromosomes. AncestryDNA hasn't pruned their list to remove these poorly performing probes. As Armando has said, if you have a Y chromosome you would have many more calls for the Y SNPs (almost surely over 1600), with just a small number of no-calls.

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    Hey I forgot to add the description page of my first two results.

    Studying this same mutation, Peters et al. (1995) demonstrated that 2 DNA-binding activities of SRY could be distinguished. The sequence-specific recognition of duplex DNA must be required for male sex determination because it was eliminated by this mutation in the SRY HMG box. However, the sequence-independent binding to the sharp angles of 4-way DNA junctions was not affected.
    This mutation, which caused sex reversal in a female patient with a 46,XY karyotype (SRXY1; 400044), was used by Haqq et al. (1994) to demonstrate that the structural interactions of the HMG box with DNA was altered to result in failure to induce transcription of the gene for mullerian inhibiting substance. The normal protein-DNA interaction consists of partial side chain intercalation into a widened minor groove

    Ive been looking a lot of information on this. Actually since you were saying it could possibly not be a y chromosome. But everything I'm finding on these variants is that it has to do with an dry region of the y chromosome.

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    Two more links

    This is clearly in the dry region of the y chromosome.

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    I would not conclude a lot from a single test you've done.
    If you had a Y-chromosome they would probably assign a haplogroup, which they obviously didn't.
    Take an 12STR Y test from FTDNA (different company/different test), it is the cheapest option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Afshar View Post
    I would not conclude a lot from a single test you've done.
    If you had a Y-chromosome they would probably assign a haplogroup, which they obviously didn't.
    Take an 12STR Y test from FTDNA (different company/different test), it is the cheapest option.
    Ancestrydna doesn't do y or x haplogroups. That's why I didn't get a haplogroup for either maternal or paternal side yet. I know my maternal haplogroup because my mom got tested at 23andme. My sample is either at 23andme and soon to have been received. It hasn't been processed yet. Ive only done ancestrydna.

    Now I talked to 23andme and they said they only need one haplogroup and that most men don't have much more than that they won't report on more than one either. So since I have at least one haplogroup I might get a result. She also said they don't report on partial y chromosomes which I miay have it is a good possibility my y chromosome isn't a full y chromosome. I do have a y chromosome though I showed above how I have the sry region that is only in the y chromosome.both of those results confirm I have some sort of y DNA but I'm not sure how much I have I could have a very small amount of a y chromosome just like the case report I provided of the girl with an xxy karyotype. I won't know the details until I get to my appointment with my endocrinologist. I have to print out more information also.

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    I just read that through female puberty girls develop wider hips. I never developed female hips in fact I saw she. When I was 18 like in bikinis and thought something was wrong with their lower half the hip bones... I didn't know I guess skipped some things women normally develop in puberty so I guess this test is probably right. I just never paid attention to what other women really go through. Like just yesterday I was looking at hirsutism. And found that women usually don't have chest and belly hair unless its fine unnoticeable hair.

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    Bad news 23andme says they couldn't use my sample so I have to do it again.

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