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Thread: Scientists make huge dataset of nearby stars available to public

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    Scientists make huge dataset of nearby stars available to public

    I'm not into Astronomy but found this via my rss feeds.

    The search for planets beyond our solar system is about to gain some new recruits.

    Today, a team that includes MIT and is led by the Carnegie Institution for Science has released the largest collection of observations made with a technique called radial velocity, to be used for hunting exoplanets. The huge dataset, taken over two decades by the W.M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii, is now available to the public, along with an open-source software package to process the data and an online tutorial.

    By making the data public and user-friendly, the scientists hope to draw fresh eyes to the observations, which encompass almost 61,000 measurements of more than 1,600 nearby stars.

    "This is an amazing catalog, and we realized there just aren't enough of us on the team to be doing as much science as could come out of this dataset," says Jennifer Burt, a Torres Postdoctoral Fellow in MIT's Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research. "We're trying to shift toward a more community-oriented idea of how we should do science, so that others can access the data and see something interesting."
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