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Thread: L21 Y-SNP timeline against British and European History

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    L21 Y-SNP timeline against British and European History

    Cross-posting for those not on the L21 Yahoo! Forum; this is a reference document mapping L21 and its various Y-SNP descendant lines against major events in British and European history plus major climate/natural events from 2500 BC to near-present day.

    Most of the discussions on this forum are much more detailed than can be described in this format, but this can serve as an overview reference if it's helpful.

    For simplicity there are about 209 of the known 1,611 SNPs under L21 shown on the chart (and it's still pretty busy). The timeline is taken from YFull's TMRCA estimates (TMRCAs, not when the SNPs were formed) and these are the ones that distinguish branches for YFull (in general they don't have enough reference data yet to distinguish the rest). However, it's not hard to map the other known branches and phylogenetic blocks for your favorite Y-SNP line against this chart and see where the other SNPs line up on the timeline.

    Google Drive links:

    PDF version

    Excel Spreadsheet version

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    Nice piece of work, thanks. I like the conjunction of FGC4077 with the arrival of barbarian hordes. :-)
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